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Yis "Noségo" Goodwin

Noségo is a Philadelphia based artist with a passion for combining fine art with contemporary styling. Through a marriage of dynamic patterns and vibrant colors, he creates whimsical environments with characters created from a place of playful imagination and the natural world. Deriving from infinite inspiration, that is, we are inspired therefore we can and should inspire others, themes of boundlessness run as a common motif throughout his work. This can be found through the interminable subjects he puzzles together through constant addition. Knowing that there’s perfection in the imperfect, he believes his work always has space for more in the constant pursuit of inspiration.






Previous Exhibitions
"Died A Few Times to Live This Once" (Solo Exhibition, Paradigm Gallery + Studio) 
"Bright Walls" Mural Festival (Jackson, MI)
"Inertia"  (Fullerton Museum)
LUZ Art LA Opening (Los Angeles, CA) 
"Pow Wow Long Beach 2017" Mural arts festival 
"Clouds Under Cloaks" Solo exhibition shown in the Project Room (Blackbook Gallery) 
"Invisible Village" Solo exhibition (Arch Enemy Arts)
"Electric Breeze" International solo exhibition in Italy (Galleria Varsi)
"Along Infinite River" solo exhibition shown in the Project Room (Thinkspace Gallery)
"Pow Wow Hawaii 2015" Mural arts festival 
"Sur-Real" Group show (Woodward Gallery)
"Open Channels" solo exhibition shown in the Project Room (Thinkspace Gallery) 



"Beyond Eden" Multi gallery LA located at the Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park event curated by Thinkspace Gallery

"Unknown Elements" Duo Show with Curiot Culver City, CA (Thinkspace Gallery)


SCOPE Art International Contemporary Art Show w Thinkspace Gallery


Art Basel Miami Beach International Art Show Hand Crafted Tattoo & Gallery


"My Fatale" Group Show, Philadelphia PA (Arch Enemy Arts)


"The Marvelous Clash" Solo Exhibition, Newcastle - UK (Unit-44 Gallery)


"PHL/LAX" Group Show currated by Thinkspace, Philadelphia PA -USA (Gallery 309)


"Vanguard" Group Show, Culver City CA - USA (Thinkspace Gallery) 

​"Colosal the Small" Philadelphia PA - USA (James Oliver Gallery)​


"Hannah Barbarians" Group Show, New York NY - USA (My Plastic Heart) 



"Winter Group Show" San Francisco - USA (FFDG)

"Neopopstreetfunk 4" Houston TX - USA (Gallery M SQuared)

"Daily Spontaneous Excusions" New York NY - USA (Woodward Gallery)

"Next Weeks Adventure" Philadelphia PA - USA (Paradigm Gallery)

"Rather Unique" New York NY - USA (Woodward Gallery)  


"Catball Eats It All" (The Leonardo - Contemporary Science

Technology & Art Museum) Salt Lake City UT -USA
"The Unusual Suspects" Brooklyn NY - USA (17 Frost)

"Rad Realm"  Burbank CA - USA (Cartoon Network)

"Things That Go Boom" Philadelphia Pa - USA (Part Time Studios)​
"Enjoy Life" Philadelphia PA - USA (stupIDEAsy)

"Sneaker" Philadelphia PA- USA (vincentmichael)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ​
"Duth Umbrella Charity Auction" Philadelphia PA - USA (Paradigm)


"8-bit Calavera" Portland OR - USA (Ground Kontrol)

"3 G's" Los Angeles CA -USA (GALLERY 1988)

"Another Deminsion" Los Angeles CA -USA (GALLERY 1988)​

"Made In American" (co-curated) Philadelphia PA -USA (Trust Gallery)

"A Normal Ridiculous" Philadelphia PA -USA (Paradigm)                                                                                                                                                                             

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